The term people use to describe a veranda attached to their home varied between regions. The term pergola is used when a veranda has a glass roof and is closed with glass sliding doors on all sides. This offers extra comfort while maintaining unobstructed views of the garden.


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Do you want to buy a pergola? A glass pergola adds  a new dimension to your home. A garden pergola offers many benefits. It improves your living environment by providing extra space, offers freedom, and allows you to enjoy daylight more throughout the day. Regardless of the weather, with a pergola, you can always enjoy outdoor living. Close the glass sliding doors during wind and rain or open them on a radiant summer day. Thanks to the individually adjustable doors, you can customize your glass pergola according to your preferences. You can also determine the appearance by choosing the right accessories. Install functional door handles on the glass sliding walls or add weather strips and U-profiles to minimize wind draft. Combine this with beautiful decorative strips and dimmable LED lighting to complete your pergola extension.

Enrich your home and garden with a glass pergola

A glass pergola adds a luxurious touch to your home and can be used for various purposes. Utilise it as an additional space, such as a dining area, relax with a good book, or transform your indoor garden space into a cosy playroom for your children. Because the sunlight is optimally used in a glass pergola, the space remains pleasantly warm, and you don't lose valuable daylight in your home. The glass walls also provide insulation, keeping the cold partially outside and preventing heat from escaping your house too quickly. Building a pergola is therefore also environmentally beneficial. Did you know that adding a pergola can increase the value of your home? Investing in a pergola is definitely worthwhile.

Buy a garden pergola

The glass pergolas from Tuinmaximaal are competitively priced and of high quality. Check out the affordable pergola prices on our information page about the costs of a pergola. This quality is due to the 6063-T6 aluminium, which is 25% stronger than the aluminium used by other brands. Not only is aluminium very sturdy, but it is also easy to maintain. The glass pergolas are also equipped with a CE marking, which means they comply with all European construction standards. Additionally, all our pergolas are powder-coated with Gumax® Excellence Superior Coating.

The excellent coating provides:

  • Superior gloss and colour retention
  • From AkzoNobel Interpon, global leader in powder coatings
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Designed to meet QUALICOAT performance requirements

In our web shop, you can configure your ideal glass pergola to meet all your desires. Order your pergola as a complete construction kit and assemble it using the assembly manual. If you want to be inspired and explore all of the possibilities, our photo gallery offers a wide selection of photos. You are also welcome to contact our customer service for personalised advice. The Tuinmaximaal team will be ready to provide you with personal advice without any obligation.

Your aluminium pergola

Easily customise your pergola according to your preferences. Our ready-made pergolas come in various width and depth sizes. Once you have chosen the measurements of the aluminium frame, you can order the glass walls separately. We have various accessories available for this purpose. For instance, you can opt for U-profiles. These can be placed against the post of your pergola or against the wall. U-profiles ensure a seamless connection between the glass panels and your pergola. Additionally, at Tuinmaximaal, you can also order weather strips for your glass walls. These strips not only keep out drafts but also prevent insects, such as mosquitoes, from entering. This way, you can comfortably enjoy your glass pergola even during the summer. In addition to weather strips, you can also order decorative strips for your pergola. These can be mounted on the sides of the glass walls, adding a stylish finishing touch.

Assembling your own pergola

Building a pergola is not difficult. You can easily assemble it yourself using our ready-made construction kits and clear instructions. Take a look at our assembly page to see how simple it is to build a pergola. We wish you many enjoyable moments in your new pergola.

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