Veranda product information

Verandas product information

At Tuinmaximaal, you configure your veranda entirely as you wish. On this page, you will find all information and technical explanations about the possibilities of Gumax® verandas and various accessories and expansion options. Click on the topic you want to read more about.

Icoon LightbulbWatch the information video for a summary of the information on this page. This video was made according to the 2019 assembly requirements.


You should be able to enjoy yourself safely under your veranda. Where other brands use 6060-T6 aluminium, Gumax® verandas are made from the 25% stronger 6063-T6 aluminium and are unaffected by moisture or UV radiation. Moreover, aluminium itself offers many advantages. For instance, it is very low maintenance, has a long lifespan and is not affected by moisture or UV radiation. All aluminium profiles of Gumax® verandas are powder coated with Gumax® Excellence Superior Powder Coating.

Gumax® Excellence Superior Powder Coating

Since there is a lot of variety in the quality of coatings used on the veranda market, we want to stress the importance of their quality. Over time, you will definitely see the difference between the coatings. If you opt for Gumax® Excellence, you get a coating that retains its colour and gloss excellently. An excellent matt coating from a global leader in powder coatings that gives you peace of mind. The coating provides:

  • Superior gloss and colour retention
  • From AkzoNobel - Interpon, global leader in powder coatings
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Designed to meet QUALICOAT performance requirements

Solid construction

  • Thanks to the galvanised steel strip in the gutter, all Gumax®
  • verandas can withstand a load of up to 80 kg per m2. 
  • Gumax® verandas feature CE marking and therefore comply with all European building standards.
  • The verandas can withstand snow load according to NEN standard 6702.
  • Verandas can even withstand wind to hurricane forces and severe earthquakes.
Icoon Lightbulb Always ask for the CE marking when purchasing a veranda.


Choose from two styles: classic or modern. The classic style is characterised by standard rounded support structures and a wavy gutter. The modern style can be recognised by the rectangular support structures with a round gutter. Both styles are similar in price and applicability. It is also possible to combine both styles, for example by choosing a modern gutter with classic support structures. When ordering, you then choose the style of gutter you want, and in the "comments" field, specify which support structures you would like.


Classic style veranda
Modern style veranda


You can choose from the colours matt anthracite (RAL 7016), matt white (RAL 9016) and matt black (RAL 9006). The colours give your veranda a luxurious look and are equal in price and applicability. Struggling to choose between the different options? Then request a free sample pack. In this sample pack, you will receive colour samples, glass panel samples, polycarbonate samples and a brochure with all the necessary information.

Request your own free sample pack here, and check out the quality of the materials at home.

Modern anthracite canopy
Modern white canopy
Classic white canopy


With your Gumax® veranda, you can choose between a glass roof or a polycarbonate roof. The table below shows the properties of the different roofs. Please note that the indicated percentages and characteristics are indicative.

Glass roofPolycarbonate roof
  • Hardened and laminated glass (4-4-2)
    8.76 mm thick
    98 cm wide
  • Luxurious look
  • Choice of clear glass or opal glass
  • Solid hard plastic
    16 mm thick
    honeycomb structure (xs)
  • Choose from: Clear, opal, IQ-Relax
    98 cm wide

Icoon LightbulbDid you know that Gumax® glass roofs have a unique panel width of 98cm? As a result, Gumax® verandas with glass roofs require fewer intermediate beams than other types of verandas with glass roofs. This creates a luxurious look and lets you enjoy unobstructed views.

Veranda roof types info chart


When doing measurements for your veranda, keep in mind three variable dimensions, namely width, depth and height. Want to know how much headroom you can have for your veranda? This page shows the side view of our verandas. Here you calculate the possible clearance height(s) using the available wall height of your home.

Gumax® verandas are supplied as standard from 3.06 m wide and increase by the metre. 3.06 m, 4.06 m, 5.06 m, 6.06 m etc.
The width can easily be shortened to size.

Gumax® verandas are supplied as standard in depths of 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m or 4 m. Verandas with a polycarbonate roof can be cut to size. This means any depth up to 4m can be created.
Please note; No glass sliding doors can be fitted to the sides of your veranda if it is shortened in depth. Because the standard Gumax® glass wedge no longer fits in this case.

Tuinmaximaal recommends a height for the bottom of the gutter of 2.10 m, 2.15 m, 2.20 m, 2.25 m, 2.30 m or 2.35 m. With these dimensions, the glass sliding doors under the veranda always fit exactly and the spot foundations can still be dug in easily.

Width veranda
Depth veranda
Height veranda

Number of support structures

Due to the extra sturdy construction, Gumax® verandas require fewer support structures than competitors’ verandas. This allows you to maintain an unobstructed view and a wide passage under your veranda. The number of support structures depends on the roof width, depth and type. The table below shows the number of support structures for each size and type of roof.

Note; this table shows the number of support structures needed to keep the veranda sturdy. With large spans, however, it is possible for the gutter to sag up to several centimetres in the middle due to the weight of the steel strip. However, this heavy galvanised strip is required to provide sufficient strength to the gutter so that it can withstand a load of up to 80kg per m2. 

Veranda required amount support structures


Gumax Lighting System

Gumax® Lighting System

  • A suitable colour for every mood
  • Smoothly dimmable from bright to soft
  • From warm white to bright white light
  • Adjustable per luminaire
Gumax LED Lighting

Gumax® LED Lighting

  • For atmospheric evenings under your veranda;
  • Sets of 6 spots or sets of 4 spots of 3 W each;
  • With remote control to turn on/off and dim.
Gumax struts

Gumax® Struts

  • For a unique and rural style;
  • Available in matt anthracite, matt white and matt black; 
  • Both one and two struts per support structure possible;
  • Glass sliding doors not possible in combination with struts.


A Gumax® veranda should be mounted on a substrate that can support a weight of up to 750 kg per support structure. We advise you to always use (spot) foundation, as most tiles crack under this weight. Installing spot foundation has the advantage that they can still be adjusted slightly during assembly. This is not possible when pouring concrete. As rainwater is drained through at least one of the veranda’s support structures, you should take this into account when placing foundations under the support structures. Tuinmaximaal offers a solution to this, which can also be seen below, namely spot foundation with RWD.

Before you get started with foundation assembly (with or without using Gumax spot foundation), we recommend taking a look at the two tools below.

These are the options when installing foundation;

  • Mounting on spot foundation. Level the spot foundation on the supplied paving stones;
  • Placing support structures in the ground and pouring and curing concrete;
  • Placing support structures on the terrace. The terrace must then be strong enough to support 750kg per support structure.

- Where will the support structures of the veranda be placed?


You can clean the aluminium frame and roof panels of your veranda with a soft cloth or sponge and lukewarm soapy water and a non-degreasing soap. For cleaning the roof, it is advisable to use an extendable squeegee. Carefully remove attached dirt with a soft cloth or sponge so as not to damage the paintwork. After cleaning, rinse the veranda with lots of water. Do not use abrasives and/or scouring pads for cleaning.

Tuinmaximaal recommends cleaning the aluminium frame in areas with salt water at least twice a year. In other areas, once a year is sufficient. Also, regularly remove leaves and debris from your gutter to prevent gutter clogging.

Entering the roof
The roof of the veranda is not intended for walking or standing on. Nevertheless, if you do enter the roof, keep the following in mind. At all times, make sure you distribute the weight across several beams by using a plate or plank to stand on. You can put rubber mats under the boards to prevent damage to the roof. Importantly, a maximum of one person at a time should enter the roof to clean it.

Veranda expansions

Complete your Gumax® veranda with various Gumax® expansion options.

Sun shading

With the compact and easy-to-use Gumax® sun shading, you create a pleasant temperature under your veranda even on the hottest days. 

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Glass sliding doors

Enjoy your garden throughout all seasons with Gumax® glass sliding doors under your veranda. Also decorate your glass sliding doors with various Gumax® accessories.

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Shading Panel

Thanks to the Gumax® Shading Panels, you can have the desired amount of shade, shelter and privacy under your veranda. 

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With a Gumax® wedge, you close off space above or next to a wall or fence. You can choose between a glass wedge or a wedge on fence made of polycarbonate.

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