Gumax - superior coating

Gumax® Excellence - Superior coating

People often forget to inquire about the coating used on aluminium products. Since there is a lot of variety in the quality of coatings used on the veranda market, we want to stress the importance of their quality. Over time, you will definitely see the difference between the coatings. If you opt for Gumax® Excellence, you get a coating that retains its colour and gloss excellently. An excellent matt coating from a global leader in powder coatings that gives you peace of mind.

The AkzoNobel Interpon coating applied to Gumax® Excellence products is designed for outdoor environments and offers excellent and long-lasting resistance to UV light and various weather conditions. Gumax® Excellence - Superior coating offers:

Groen vinkje Superior gloss and colour retention
Groen vinkje From AkzoNobel - Interpon, global leader in powder coatings
Groen vinkje Maintenance friendly
Groen vinkje Designed to meet QUALICOAT performance requirements

A few features according to AkzoNobel Interpon powder coatings:

Groen vinkje Free of solvents
Groen vinkje No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Groen vinkje Contain no toxic heavy metals such as lead or chromium (VI)
Groen vinkje Very durable
Groen vinkje Low carbon footprint

In short, AkzoNobel Interpon powder coatings:

Groen vinkje Offer excellent performance
Groen vinkje Meet a wide range of global standards for coatings
Groen vinkje Are safe and durable

Gumax Excellence - Superior coating