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Review policy

Why does Tuinmaximaal use reviews?
Tuinmaximaal considers it important to know how its customers experience the services and products. After making a purchase in our showroom or web shop, customers are randomly sent an e-mail request to leave a review on the verified and independent review platform Trustpilot.

Why does Tuinmaximaal use an external review platform for reviews?
Tuinmaximaal is committed to transparency around reviews and customer ratings. Therefore, in the United Kingdom, Tuinmaximaal works with the verified and independent review platform Trustpilot. 

Can Tuinmaximaal influence the content of reviews?
Tuinmaximaal cannot influence the content of reviews. However, Tuinmaximaal does read reviews on Trustpilot and actively responds to them. Partly based on reviews, but also using its own and independent customer research, Tuinmaximaal can improve and optimise its service.

Who can write a review of Tuinmaximaal?
Tuinmaximaal considers it important to collect authentic reviews. Therefore, anyone who has bought a product at Tuinmaximaal can write a review on the verified and independent review platform of Trustpilot.

Will I receive a review request from Tuinmaximaal?
Periodically, Tuinmaximaal actively invites its customers to write a review. To encourage its customers to write genuine reviews, Tuinmaximaal periodically raffles a gift voucher among its customers.

Can I post a negative review about Tuinmaximaal?
Yes, you can also write a negative review about a product. Tuinmaximaal reads all reviews and constantly improves its products and services partly on the basis of the reviews.

Can reviews of Tuinmaximaal be removed?
Tuinmaximaal itself cannot delete comments via review platform Trustpilot. While Trustpilot can remove a review, it will only do so if it does not meet their guidelines or if personal data is shared.

Through which platform does Tuinmaximaal send review requests?
Tuinmaximaal sends e-mails for reviews through its own mailing system.

Does Tuinmaximaal send every customer a review request?
No, Tuinmaximaal sends a portion of its customers a review request. In addition to the review requests, some customers receive an invitation to participate in the customer satisfaction survey.