Are you planning to buy a glass sliding door? If so, it is wise to read up on the topic. It is useful to know a few things in advance so that you can order the right sliding door right away. In this blog, we provide several tips to help you make the right choice.

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Glass sliding doors along the depth of your veranda

If you have a Gumax® veranda that is 3 or 4 metres deep, we recommend thinking carefully about the rail system you choose. This will ensure you make the right choice. There is an option to buy a 3-rail system plus an extra support structure at a depth of 3 metres. You can fill a 4-metre-deep veranda with a 4-rail system plus an support structure as well. This way, you minimise the overlap between the glass sliding doors and ensure a clean finish. Would you like personalised advice? Our customer service is available every day to help you create the perfect garden.

helps you make the right choice

Careful measuring of the glass sliding door

To choose the appropriate glass sliding door system, it is important to measure the width of the opening you want to close. This width is measured from support structure to support structure. In case of a standard-sized Gumax® veranda, a Gumax® glass sliding door with standard dimensions can be purchased for the front. This way, there is as little overlap between the glass panels as possible.

Height measurement

The glass sliding door is available in different heights. To determine the correct height for you, measure the space from the bottom of the gutter to the top of the foundation column. The bottom rail, overhead rail and glass profile all fall within this space. What is good to know is that for each height dimension, a play of 20mm upwards and 20mm downwards is possible. For instance, if you measure a height of 2095mm, you can opt for a 2100mm system because of the play.


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Determining overlap

To keep rain and wind out, we recommend creating an overlap between the different sliding doors.

If you use the full length of a rail, there is no overlap between glass sliding doors. This is because these glass panels are 980mm wide. You do get overlap when not using the full rail. This is because there is then less space for all the glass panels, causing them to partially overlap. Each rail system is easy to shorten. For example, if you want to fill a space of 3710mm, you can buy a 3920mm 4-rail system and then shorten it by 210mm.

You can calculate the overlap per glass panel when you know exactly how much you are going to shorten. First, you determine the number of sliding doors. Subtract 1 from his number, and you have the number of points where overlap is possible. Therefore, you calculate the overlap per panel in the following way: you divide the length you shorten by the number of overlap points. In the example above, the 4-rail system is shortened by 210 mm. The overlap per panel is therefore 210 : 3 = 70 mm.

Tailored advice

Would you like advice on putting together your glass sliding door? Then please contact our customer service.
We will look at your situation together and provide personalised advice.

If you want more information on how to measure a glass sliding door, take a look at our measuring instructions. In the information video, we tell you more about the Gumax® glass sliding door system.