The ideal outdoor shutters

You are sitting outside under your veranda, but the sun is shining a bit too brightly. Later in the day, the sun shines in again from a different angle. How do you provide shade at all times? And how do you create a spot for some more shelter and privacy under your veranda? Tuinmaximaal has the ideal solution for this: Gumax® Shading Panels. A kind of outdoor shutters, but in the form of sliding door panels that you can easily shift. This allows you to decide where you want more shade, shelter or privacy. This way, you enjoy ultimate comfort in your outdoor space at any time.

Outdoor slats for sun shading and ventilation

Gumax® Shading Panels are ideal as outdoor sun shading with slats, but also for controlling airflow under your veranda. Do you want more or less ventilation under the veranda? Use the panels individually if you want more ventilation or slide them behind a glass sliding door to limit the inflow of outside air. You choose the distance between the slats. We supply Gumax® Shading Panels with 13 mm spacers as standard, optionally we supply 10 mm or 16 mm spacers.

Combining sliding door panels

Combine Gumax® Shading Panels with Gumax® glass sliding doors as desired. Slide the panels on top of each other or use each sliding door panel separately. Do you already have Gumax® glass sliding doors? Then the Gumax® Shading Panels fit into same rail system*. If you do not already have sliding doors, you can purchase the rail system separately. If you wish, you can easily expand the sliding door system with more panels.

Configure & customise yourself

Gumax® Shading Panels fit under any veranda: from Gumax® verandas to wooden verandas or carports. The sliding door panels are available in 12 installation heights of up to 2700 mm, which you can easily shorten to the desired height thanks to the easily machinable aluminium. Configure the panels yourself and combine them in different colours. You can choose from 3 colours (matt anthracite, matt white and matt black) for the frame. The slats are available 3 basic colours (matt anthracite, matt white and matt black) and 4 special colours (matt grey beige, matt teal, matt cement grey and matt grey aluminium).

Long-life, low-maintenance outdoor shutters

With Gumax® Shading Panels, you benefit from a high-quality product with a long lifespan. The aluminium components of the outdoor sun shading with slats have Superior Coating. A matt coating from AkzoNobel, global leader in powder coatings, that provides:

  • Long-term resistance to UV light & various weather conditions
  • A low-maintenance product, simply wipe down with a cloth
  • Security for excellent performance, designed for QUALICOAT performance requirements

In addition to this weather-resistant powder coating, the Rhombus design of the slats ensures good drainage. Rainwater runs off more easily thanks to the sloping edges. A draining yet stylish design.

More expansions for your veranda

Besides outdoor sun shading slats and glass sliding doors, we offer even more options for expanding your veranda. Using the Gumax® automatic sun shading, you adjust the incidence of light at the top of your veranda as you wish. This sun shading is operable by individual lane using a remote control. Would you like more light under your veranda in the evening? Then take a look at the Gumax® Lighting System, which allows you to always create the right atmosphere at the touch of a button.

* If the number of glass sliding doors and products such as shading panels together exceeds the number of rails in the rail system, not all doors (glass sliding doors and products) can be placed fully back-to-back.

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