Gumax® Lighting System for your veranda

With the Gumax® Lighting System, you will always have the right atmosphere under your veranda. Choose a matching colour for any occasion with just the push of a button. Each luminaire is individually adjustable according to your personal preference. This way, you will experience the desired atmosphere of lovely moments of relaxation, romantic dinners and clear moments of focus on every occasion.

Advantages of the Lighting System

The Lighting System offers many advantages. The possibilities are almost endless. You can easily create the perfect lighting under your veranda.

  • Choose from a wide colour spectrum
  • From warm to cool white light
  • Smoothly dimmable from bright to soft light
  • Adjustable per individual luminaire
  • High and uniform light output
  • Remote control and Smart Home integration
  • Easy assembly

Easy to control

The Gumax® Lighting System is easily controlled through the included remote control. The remote control makes it easy to choose the light that suits the occasion. Dim the light as desired and choose from a wide colour spectrum. It is even possible to set individual luminaires manually. This can be done separately or as a whole.

Control with a Smart Home system is also possible. Select your desired scenes or set your own colour scheme. With a Smart Home system, you easily set up personal automatic routines. This way, the lighting under the veranda automatically adjusts to your habits. 

Connect with a Smart Home system in three simple steps:
Step 1. Switch on your Gumax® Lighting System for 7-10 seconds.
Step 2. Turn the Lighting System on and off four times. The luminaires will now start flashing.
Step 3. In a Smart Home system, select Gumax® Lighting System.

Easy attachment of Gumax® Lighting System

Mounting the lights under your veranda is easy. You can even install the Lighting System independently. Thanks to the patent pending system, attaching it is easy. The lighting fits seamlessly under your veranda. In addition, the luminaires are dustproof and splashproof. For more information, see the step-by-step assembly instructions.

Complete your veranda with the Gumax® Lighting System

Interested in the Lighting System? If so, feel free to contact our customer service for personal expert advice and/or a quote without obligation. We are at your service 365 days a year. Also visit our showroom in Eindhoven and experience the Gumax® Lighting System in real life. Convinced? Then easily put together your Lighting System in the Tuinmaximaal web shop.


Frequently asked questions about Gumax® Lighting System