429 Too Many Requests

429 Too Many Requests

Warranty provision for Gumax products - Tuinmaximaal

Consumer warranty

A good investment and carefree enjoyment due to the 5*-year manufacturer's warranty, without prejudice to the consumer's legal rights regarding all parts of the products offered on our website. 

Did you scratch a veranda with a sharp object? Through our webshop, you can order paint pens that fill light scratches.

*2-Year warranty on moving and/or electrical parts. 

In the UK, there is a mandatory statutory warranty period of at least 2 years. Statutory warranty means that a product is or should do what the consumer can reasonably reasonably expect from it.

Powder coating*
*Read more about our superior coating warranty conditions here.

Are you a business customer? Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions for business customers.