Glass sliding door from Tuinmaximaal

Want to enjoy your veranda even in bad weather? Then a glass sliding door offers a solution. Thanks to the glass wall, your veranda is completely enclosed, while maintaining an unobstructed view of your garden. Each glass panel of the glass wall can be moved individually. This allows you to set up the space entirely as you wish. Is the sun shining brightly? Open the sliding door all the way for a refreshing breeze in your garden room. Getting a bit too chilly? Then close one or more of the glass sliding doors. The versatility of our glass sliding doors means you will always be comfortable and dry. Our outdoor glass sliding door allows you to enjoy your garden all year round. Besides their functional contribution, glass sliding doors also provide an aesthetic means to close off your veranda.

Enjoy your garden even longer thanks to glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, in a garden house with a veranda, you can use the glass sliding door to close off the front, or one or more sides. A glass sliding door for your veranda is not only more comfortable, it also allows you to enjoy your veranda for longer. Please note that glass sliding doors should always have a foundation. We recommend using an aluminium foundation column for this. This foundation column ensures that the bottom rail of the sliding door rail system can be mounted stably and level. Are you going to assemble the glass sliding door yourself? With our assembly instructions, you will go through all the steps of the installation process yourself and will soon be able to enjoy your new glass sliding doors for your veranda. Do you still have questions about installing your glass sliding doors? Then take a look at our assembly page. Here you will find assembly videos and explanations. Curious about what a glass sliding door costs? Read more about this on the information page with glass sliding door prices

Glass sliding doors with Gumax® Excellence Superior Coating

All our aluminium components are powder coated with Gumax® Excellence Superior Coating. Since there is a lot of variety in the quality of coatings used on the veranda market, we want to stress the importance of their quality. The excellent coating provides:

  • Superior gloss and colour retention
  • From AkzoNobel - Interpon, global leader in powder coatings
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Designed to meet QUALICOAT performance requirements

Lower heating costs thanks to a glass sliding door

When buying a glass sliding door, you are also investing in the rest of your home. This is because a glass sliding door for a veranda has an insulating effect by keeping the heat inside this space for longer. This means that by installing glass sliding doors, the heating in your home is also less likely to have to be turned on to create a comfortable temperature. Older homes in particular are often poorly insulated, resulting in a lot of heat being lost. Thanks to a veranda with glass sliding doors, you therefore save a lot on your heating costs every year. Because the room is also a transition space from inside to outside, less heat escapes from the home. So installing a glass sliding door outside is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment!

Glass sliding door accessories

Adding accessories completes your glass sliding door. Want to minimise wind penetration into your garden room? Place weather strips on the sides of the glass sliding doors. Not only does this limit draughts under your veranda, it also keeps mosquitoes and flies out of the space. Combine this with U profiles placed against the wall or support structure and the wind has even less of a chance. You can also enrich your glass sliding doors with decorative strips and door handles. These accessories can be ordered in the same colour as your veranda from Tuinmaximaal. Want to know more about the possibilities of glass sliding doors? In our showroom in Eindhoven, you can view glass sliding doors including matching accessories and get advice without obligation. Tuinmaximaal recommends that you bring some photos of the site with you to assess the situation properly.


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