429 Too Many Requests

429 Too Many Requests


Ten-year-old Tuinmaximaal awarded with 7th Gazellen Award

European market leader in verandas receives national and international recognition

EINDHOVEN – Tuinmaximaal is awarded an FD Gazellen Award for the 7th time. The European market leader in verandas and accessories, receives the award as one of the fastest-growing major companies. “A wonderful reward for the national and international growth we achieved with all our colleagues”, states a proud Ivo van Maris, director of Tuinmaximaal.

FD Gazelle award 2023 Tuinmaximaal

Tuinmaximaal already received the international FD Gazellen Award in April in 2023. In the past seven years, the Eindhoven-based company was awarded with as many Gazellen Awards. In its ten years of existence, Tuinmaximaal supplied more than 200,000 verandas and glass sliding doors within, and more recently, outside the European Union.

In all countries, Tuinmaximaal carries its typically Dutch company name. “We are stubborn and like to do things our own way, we cherish our name”, Van Maris explains. “For Brits, for example, the name is a tongue twister.” In a campaign last month, Tuinmaximaal asked UK residents how they pronounce the name. This resulted in thousands of voice messages from homeowners looking to expand their gardens with a veranda.

Proud customers with favourable reviews
“Every homeowner with a garden can enjoy their own garden affordably and with high quality 365 days a year”, Van Maris explains. “Our customers are proud of their self-installed Gumax® verandas.” This is evidenced by thousands of favourable online customer reviews on various recognised review platforms.


Tuinmaximaal has been among the fastest-growing Dutch companies since 2017. “We are on top of the production process, skipping all intermediate stages such as wholesalers in the process”, Van Maris explains. “This way, Tuinmaximaal is able to offer the lowest price guarantee.”