Your ideal canopy

Are you looking for a canopy for your garden? Then Tuinmaximaal is a perfect choice for you. A canopy attached to your home enriches your garden, allowing you to fully enjoy all that your garden has to offer, even in less favourable weather conditions. For example, you can admire your beautiful winter garden while staying dry and comfortable under your garden canopy. Even on a sunny day, your canopy adds a lot of value. For instance, you can host a fun garden party under your aluminium canopy or enjoy a beautiful summer evening for even longer. Our canopies are designed so that you can configure your perfect custom aluminium canopy yourself. A ready-made canopy has the advantage that you can easily assemble it yourself at home. This means you don't need professional installers. Our ready-made construction kits allow us to offer cost-effective canopies, resulting in lower purchase costs compared to, for example, a custom-made one.

Assured of a safe canopy

You should be able to enjoy yourself safely under your aluminium canopy. Quality is of utmost importance to us. The affordable canopies from Tuinmaximaal prove that good quality doesn't have to be expensive. With a galvanized gutter strip and the use of 6036-T6 aluminium, we create a rock-solid structure that can bear a load of 80 kg per m². All our aluminium canopies and carports also carry the CE marking, ensuring compliance with European building standards. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your canopy is built with safety in mind. Configure your own canopy in our online store. Choose between a classic or modern canopy in matt anthracite, matt white or matt black, and then select the desired roof type for your customized canopy. You can also choose from various accessories to complete your aluminium canopy. Curious about all the possibilities of our affordable canopies? Take a look at our photo gallery, for some inspiration for your future canopy.

Affordable canopy

At Tuinmaximaal, you enjoy our lowest price guarantee, ensuring you get the best deal. By sourcing our canopies directly, we are able to provide a lower price compared to our competitors. Take a look at the prices on our information page dedicated to canopy prices. Our ready-made canopies offer additional advantages. Not only are they more cost-effective than, for instance, a wooden canopy, but an aluminium canopy also requires less maintenance. Furthermore, all our canopies are powder coated, eliminating the need for annual paint maintenance. Would you like a customized aluminium canopy? We offer a wide selection of widths and heights. Our canopies come in ready-made construction kits, allowing you to start assembly right away. At the lowest price!

canopy for your garden

At Tuinmaximaal, you will find your ideal canopy. A canopy allows you to enjoy your garden all year round while adding a stylish touch to your indoor space. With our range of accessories, such as glass sliding doors and weather strips, you can customize and configure the canopy according to your preferences. Our canopies, built with type 6063-T6 aluminium, are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including strong winds and heavy snowfall. A canopy provides a cosy and sheltered spot for you to enjoy your garden comfortably. Additionally, our canopies are available in two elegant colours, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space. With various width and depth options, you can personalize your ideal space to fit your needs perfectly. In short, a canopy in your garden is a valuable addition to your living environment.

Get started immediately

We deliver your canopy as a complete construction kit, designed for easy assembly. Our assembly manuals provide clear, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the entire construction process. Based on the feedback from our customers, we know that our ready-made canopies are simple to assemble. Make sure to visit our assembly page, where you will find an assembly video and detailed instructions. You will discover that installing a canopy yourself is not difficult at all. If you still have any questions, our team is available 7 days a week.

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