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Veranda prices

A veranda offers many advantages. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors under your veranda during both hot and colder days. It also adds a luxurious look to your garden. Reason enough to look into the possibilities. After all, a nice veranda doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Read more about what a veranda costs here.

"With the comprehensive manual and YouTube videos, assembly also proved easier than initially thought and it looks very nice" - Jan

What does a veranda cost?

At Tuinmaximaal, you can have a veranda from as little as £987. In addition, Tuinmaximaal always offers the lowest price guarantee. Can you find the same veranda at a lower price at another provider? Then you will receive a £50 gift voucher to spend in our web shop. Find out more on the lowest price guarantee page.


The table shows the starting prices for a veranda. Prices include VAT.

Roof typePrice*
Clear/ Opal/ IQ Relax Polycarbonate £987
Clear glass£1,701
Opal glass£2,040

*Prices exclude ongoing promotions.

Costs anthracite patio cover
Matte anthracite veranda with sliding doors

Unrivalled quality at the lowest price

At Tuinmaximaal, not only are you buying a veranda at the lowest price, you are also buying a veranda of unrivalled quality. Gumax® verandas are made of a strong type of aluminium that are as much as 25% stronger than other brands of aluminium. In addition, an extremely strong type of steel is used in the gutter, enabling all verandas to withstand a load of 80 kg per m2.

Furthermore, all verandas have Superior coating. This means the coating retains its colour and gloss excellently. So at Tuinmaximaal, you buy a top-quality veranda at the lowest price.

Veranda assembly costs

Tuinmaximaal sells all verandas as user-friendly construction kits. Using the handy step-by-step assembly instructions and videos, anyone can build their own veranda. At Tuinmaximaal, you do not pay to have your veranda installed, as you take care of the assembly yourself.

Because you install your veranda yourself, you can fully customise it. So you get a customised veranda, at no extra cost.

What choices determine the cost of a veranda?

The choices you make when configuring your veranda directly affect the price.

  • The roof type
    For your Gumax® veranda, you can choose between a glass roof or a polycarbonate roof. Polycarbonate roofs are lower in price than glass roofs. Nevertheless, glass roofs are popular because this gives your veranda a luxurious look.

  • The width
    How wide your veranda will be affects the price. The wider the veranda, the more you pay.
  • Depth
    The depth also affects the cost. The deeper the veranda, the higher the cost. At Tuinmaximaal, you can choose between three colours of verandas; matt anthracite, matt white and matt black. The choice of colour does not affect the price of your aluminium veranda. The style of the veranda, classic or modern, does not affect the cost either.

The average cost of a veranda

It is difficult to estimate exactly how much you will spend on a veranda. As described above, it depends on the type of roof and your desired dimensions. Nevertheless, to give you a better idea, the average prices for each roof type are listed below. Prices include VAT.

Roof type

Average price*



Clear glass


Opal glass


* A veranda measuring 6.06m by 3.0m, prices exclude ongoing promotions.


Veranda with sliding glass walls

Additional options for your veranda

If you want to get even more out of your veranda, you can easily expand it. Gumax® LED lighting allows you to enjoy lovely evenings under your veranda. The LED lighting is easy to dim with the remote control. This allows you to create the desired atmosphere in no time. You can already have LED lighting for just £196.

Do you like sitting in your garden all year round? Then the glass sliding door (from £453) is perfect for you. With the glass sliding door, you can easily close your veranda, allowing you to sit outside pleasantly even in less warm temperatures. A nice added benefit is that a veranda with glass sliding doors has an insulating effect by keeping the heat in the room longer. As a result, you will save a lot on your heating costs every year. 

If you like to enjoy the shade, Gumax® automatic sun shading offers the perfect solution. Each lane can be controlled individually with the included remote control. This way, you get to decide how much shade you create under your veranda. You can purchase the automatic sun shading from £1,597.

Increasing the value of your property

With a veranda (with glass sliding doors), you create an extension of your home. These additional square metres increase the value of your property. This is advantageous if you want to sell your property in the future. So a veranda is both fun for now and a smart investment for the future.

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