Buy an aluminium carport at Tuinmaximaal

Want to buy a solid aluminium carport? At Tuinmaximaal, you will find modern, high-quality carports that protect your car against rain, hail, snow, leaves and bird droppings, among other things. Not only does an aluminium carport provide shelter from various weather conditions, it also protects your car's paintwork. This is because UV radiation accelerates the corrosion process, causing your car's paintwork to discolour faster. Does your car also have leather upholstery? When leather comes into contact with the sun, the material dries out faster. Your car upholstery will tear faster as a result. So with an aluminium carport, not only does your car stay cleaner for longer, but it is also a smart choice for maintaining the quality of your car. At Tuinmaximaal, you have plenty of different aluminium carports to choose from. You can also choose the height, width and style. We offer modern carports and classic carports. Furthermore, you can also choose the colour and roofing as you wish.

Shelter and protection by aluminium carports

Our modern carports are not only beneficial for protecting your car. A shelter in the form of an aluminium carport is also ideal for protecting trailers, caravans, bicycles and motorbikes, among others. You can also choose to purchase a larger carport and park two or more cars under it, for example. Furthermore, an aluminium carport has the advantage that it lasts longer than, say, a wooden carport. Thus, unlike a wooden carport, you do not need to paint the aluminium carport regularly. In addition, Tuinmaximaal’s aluminium carports are extra strong due to a galvanised strip on the gutter side. Our carports also have a CE marking. This means they can withstand hurricane-like winds, a metre of fresh snow and earthquakes. So your car is always safe and dry under an aluminium carport. All our carports are also powder coated with Gumax® Excellence Superior Coating. The AkzoNobel Interpon coating applied to Gumax® Excellence products is designed for outdoor environments and offers excellent and long-lasting resistance to UV light and various weather conditions. This superior coating offers: 

  • Superior gloss and colour retention
  • From AkzoNobel - Interpon, global leader in powder coatings
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Designed to meet QUALICOAT performance requirements

Moreover, you can rest assured that with proper maintenance, Tuinmaximaal carports have a minimum lifespan of 25 years. So buying a carport will pay for itself in the end. Curious about aluminium carport prices? Then read more about it on the information page on carport prices.

Configure your aluminium carport yourself

Did you know that a carport can also improve the appearance of your home? With an attractive carport, you create a beautiful entrance to your home. Also, you will never have to walk to your vehicle through the rain again. There is always a carport to suit your home. At Tuinmaximaal, you can choose from a classic carport or a modern carport to suit your home. The carports in anthracite, white or black have a matt finish that creates a luxurious look. You can also choose the roof type. You can choose from different types of polycarbonate, clear glass or opal glass. On the product information page, you will find more information on the different features and options. Here you can also read more about various accessories to complete your carport. Think of things like built-in LED lighting under your carport for a pleasant and safe environment. You can also complete your aluminium carport by closing one side, for example, using our glass sliding doors. You can also add most of your accessories later. However, when buying your carport, note that LED lighting cannot be added later. 

Aluminium carport self-assembly

Looking for an aluminium carport to assemble yourself? A self-assembly aluminium carport is easy to assemble yourself. Tuinmaximaal delivers your order as a complete carport construction kit. You then install it easily with the accompanying assembly instructions. You'll find these here. Wondering what our verandas look like in real life? Visit our atmospheric showroom. Here you can get advice from one of our staff and see all the options. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. They are at your service. Ask your question easily by contacting us.

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