429 Too Many Requests

429 Too Many Requests



The best board games for the terrace

Playing games. Taking on the challenge with your family and friends. Winning and sometimes losing. Playing games is incredibly popular. These days, there are countless games to choose from. But which game are you going to play? Below you will find the best board games to play on the terrace.

Atmospheric and functional lighting for your garden

Outdoor lighting is both functional and atmospheric, which makes it an important part of your garden.  “Make use of inconspicuous lighting” advises Jeroen Soontiëns, owner of Soontiëns Hoveniers & Tuincentrum. “Mood lighting is best when you can't see where it's coming from.”

Handy gardening tips for the ultimate seasonal experience

A beautiful garden starts with good preparation. The location, soil and type of plants are important for your garden design. “With a colourful garden, you create the ultimate seasonal experience” says Jeroen Soontiëns, owner of Soontiëns Hoveniers & tuincentrum. “This way, nature is always close by.

Design your dream terrace now

Every interior design job starts with defining the goal. This is your guide to designing your dream terrace. There are many possibilities; use the veranda as an extension of your living room, dining room, lounge area or bar. “Connect atmosphere with functionality,” says Colien van Duijnhoven, interior designer at Studio Coco. “This helps you get the most out of your living space.”

How to bring shade in your garden

Summer is a wonderful time to be in the garden. Enjoying the warm summer days. When the sun shines brightly, it is nice to have some cooler spots in the garden too. You can do this, of course, by seeking shade. But how do you create shade in the garden? And how do you provide cooling when there is no shade? We provide handy tips for enjoying the outdoors even during the hottest days.

The checklist for your garden party

There are plenty of reasons to throw a garden party. A birthday, an engagement, a farewell party or just any occasion.  No matter what you have to celebrate, spring and summer is the perfect time to organise a garden party. Enjoy drinks and good food together during the long evenings. Who wouldn't want that? But how do you organize a garden party? What do you need and what should you not forget? Read the checklist for a fun and enjoyable garden party here.


The weather is nice and you want to go out. Makes sense. You want to enjoy the nice weather with friends and family. Discover fun spots and simply enjoy yourself. For this, you don't have to go far from home at all. After all, you can also have a lot of fun close to home. Not sure what to do during your days off? Find inspiration for the best day trips here.

Top 6 family activities for at home

Are you looking for fun activities for in and around the house? Then you've come to the right place. Spending your free time at home is very popular. Environmentally conscious, good for the wallet and great fun. With nice company and a little creativity, you will experience the most beautiful moments. Read the top 6 family activities for at home here.

Bring spring into your garden with these tips

Outside, it stays light longer, the sun comes through more often, there are blossoms on the trees and birds start nesting. In other words: spring is coming. This also immediately brings more life to your garden. To enjoy spring in your garden as much as possible, we give you a few tips.