DOP - Declaration of Perfomance

Unrivalled quality Gumax® Veranda

Where other brands use 6060-T6 aluminium, Gumax uses only the 25% stronger 6063-T6 aluminium. In addition, Gumax verandas are unique in their quality due to the use of a galvanised spring steel strip in each gutter. By using this extremely strong type of steel, all verandas can withstand a load of up to 80 kg per m²! Gumax verandas thus have the CE marking, which means they comply with all European building standards and they can even withstand:


Wind up to hurricane force

Gumax canopy withstands hurricane

Fresh snow

Gumax canopy snow

Severe earthquakes

Gumax canopy resistant to earthquakes

CE and UKCA marking

Gumax® Veranda

The structural components forming part of the Gumax® Veranda have been manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 1090-1 tested by TÜV Nederland QA B.V and the requirements of BS EN 1090-1 tested by TÜV NORD UK Ltd. Don’t place the products in extreme snow zones (>800 N/M2 such as in the Alps) and/or in extreme wind areas (>32 m/s such as parts of Scotland, wind zone 4 in Germany and/or open areas within 5km near open water).

Click here for the Declaration of Performance (DOP) of the Gumax® Veranda

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CE tracemark Tuinmaximaal
UKCA marking

Gumax® Shading panel

Gumax® Shading panels are manufactured, tested and approved in conformity with the requirements of wind resistance class 5 of EN 13659:2004+A1:2008 standard.

Click here for the Declaration of Performance (DOP) of the Gumax® Shading Panel.

Please note: In order for the warranty to remain valid, the assembly and mounting instructions on our downloads page must be followed and the products must not be placed in areas where the aforementioned limits are exceeded.