Gumax® sliding doors

Choose glass sliding doors, combine with Gumax® Shading Panels and accessories & enjoy your veranda 365 days a year


Enjoy your garden even longer 


Insulating effect by retaining heat longer


Modularly expandable with accessories


Easily moved via the rail system 


Can be combined with Gumax® Shading Panel


Shade and shelter where you want it


Set up optimal air flows


Configure to your own taste in different colours


Easily moved via the rail system 


Can be combined with Gumax® glass sliding door*

Gumax® glass sliding door

The versatility of our Gumax® glass sliding door means you will always be comfortable and dry.

Thanks to the Gumax® glass sliding door, your veranda is completely enclosed, while maintaining an unobstructed view of your garden. With glass sliding doors, you can enjoy your veranda all year round and in all weather conditions.

Gumax® glass sliding door
Gumax® Shading Panel

Gumax® Shading Panel

Thanks to Gumax® Shading Panels, you can easily have the desired amount of shade, shelter and privacy under your veranda.

With a timeless design and a wide range of colours, Gumax® Shading Panels fit under any veranda, even a wooden one. Choose from a frame in 3 colours and slats in 7 colours and configure your Gumax® Shading Panel to your own taste.

Modular system

You configure Gumax® sliding doors yourself and can always easily expand them later.

Do you only want a Gumax® glass sliding doors? Or a combination of Gumax® glass sliding doors and Gumax® Shading Panels? Do you want to close only the front or one or both sides of the veranda? You choose. Easily add Shading Panels to the rail system* and temporarily move or remove them whenever you want.

Modulair system
365 days a year enjoying outdoor comfort

Enjoy the outdoors comfortably 365 days per year

Enjoy your garden in all weathers with Gumax® sliding doors.

Is it chilly under the veranda? Then simply slide one or more glass sliding doors shut. Need more shade, shelter or privacy? Then use Gumax® Shading Panels and easily slide them into the desired position. This way, it is comfortable under your veranda at all times.

Select your style

Configure your Gumax® glass sliding door with:

  • handles in 3 colours;
  • decorative strips in 3 colours.

Configure your Gumax® Shading Panel with:

  • panels in 3 colours;
  • slats in 7 colours.

Choose your style and combine Gumax® glass sliding doors with Gumax® Shading Panels on the rail system as required.

In terms of height, there is always a suitable solution thanks to:

  • Gumax® glass sliding doors in various heights;
  • Gumax® Shading Panels up to 2700 mm in customisable sizes.
Gumax® glazen schuifwanden
Voor ieder type overkapping

For every type of veranda

Thanks to the timeless design and wide range of sizes and colours,Gumax® sliding doors can be used under any type of veranda, including wooden canopies.

Also think of other applications such as carports or indoor spaces, provided:

  • the length and height dimensions match;
  • installing a rail system is possible.

* If the number of glass sliding doors and products such as Gumax® Shading Panels together exceeds the number of rails in the rail system, not all doors (glass sliding doors and products) can be placed fully back-to-back.