Carport prices

Carport Prices

What does a carport cost?

A carport protects your car from precipitation, sun, leaves and dirt, among other things. With an aluminium carport, your car stays cleaner for longer. In addition, a carport is a smart choice for the quality preservation of your car. So it offers many advantages, but how much does a carport cost? Read more about the cost of an aluminium carport here.

Choices that affect the price of a carport

Gumax® carports are available in different styles, colours, roof types and sizes. The choice of colour and style of the carport do not affect the price. The dimensions do determine the level of the cost. The bigger the carport, the higher the cost.

At Tuinmaximaal, you can choose from five types of roof panels; clear glass, opal glass, clear polycarbonate, opal polycarbonate and IQ Relax polycarbonate. All types of polycarbonate roof panels have the same price. The glass roof panels do differ in cost. The table below lists the starting prices, including VAT, of the carports with different roof panels.

Roof typeStarting price*
Clear/ Opal/ IQ Relax Polycarbonate£987,-
Clear glass£1,701,-
Opal glass£2,040,-

*Prices exclude ongoing promotions.

Aluminium carport at the lowest price

Tuinmaximaal offers the lowest price guarantee on all aluminium carports. This means that if another party offers the same carport at a lower price, you will receive a £50 gift voucher to spend in our web shop

How is it possible that Tuinmaximaal has the lowest price guarantee? This is because Tuinmaximaal is on top of the production process, bypassing all middlemen.

Normally, each link in the chain takes a profit margin on top of the price. This is not necessary at Tuinmaximaal, and you benefit from that.

Unrivalled quality

When you buy a carport from Tuinmaximaal, you are buying a carport of unparalleled quality. Gumax® excellence carports are made of a strong type of aluminium that is 25% stronger than other types of aluminium. In addition, an extremely strong type of steel is used in the gutter, enabling all carports to withstand a load of 80 kg per m2.

All carports are provided with Superior coating. This means the coating retains its colour and gloss excellently. So at Tuinmaximaal, you buy a top-quality carport at the lowest price.

Average price of an aluminium carport

It is difficult to estimate how much it will cost you to buy a carport. This is because it depends on the dimensions and roof type. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a better picture. Below is an overview of the average carport prices. The listed amounts include VAT.

RooftypeAverage price*
Clear/ Opal/ IQ Relax Polycarbonate£2,147,-
Clear glass£3,198,-
Opal glass£3,839,-

* A carport measuring 6.06m by 3.0m, prices exclude ongoing promotions.

Carport assembly costs

At Tuinmaximaal, you do not pay to have your carport installed, as you take care of the assembly yourself. You will receive your Gumax® excellence carport as a user-friendly construction kit. With the help of the handy assembly video and step-by-step assembly instructions, anyone can build their own carport.

Because you install your carport yourself, you can fully customise it. So you get a customised carport, at no extra cost.

Costs for an illuminated carport

When you get home in the dark, it is nice if your carport is illuminated. This gives you better visibility and makes it easy to park your car. You build in the Gumax® LED lighting while assembling your carport. You can easily switch the light on and off with the included remote control. The lighting can also be made brighter or less bright as desired with the dimming function. You can have a set of Gumax® LED lights for as little as £196.

The advantages of a carport
Besides the financial benefit, due to the lowest price guarantee, an aluminium carport from Tuinmaximaal has many other advantages:

  • A luxurious look
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Resistant to moisture and UV radiation
  • Unrivalled quality
  • Advantages of a carport

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