A black veranda comes into its own everywhere

Black frames, black (metal) doors and black furniture are more popular than ever. At Tuinmaximaal, we fully understand the choice of this colour. As such, the black pergola is a valuable addition to our range.

Stylish & timeless

Black is chic, elegant and sleek in your home and garden. The colour provides a nice contrast, making the other colours in your interior or garden stand out even more. Like the design of our products, the colour black is timeless.

It also offers the possibility to expand at any time. Want to incorporate more colour into your interior and garden? With a black veranda, you can easily realize this. It is a colour that impresses while being appropriate for any occasion.

Black veranda with Excellence Superior coating from Tuinmaximaal

Easy to maintain & long life

The black veranda (RAL 9005) is made of high-quality 6063-T6 aluminium and powder coated with Gumax® Excellence Superior Powder Coating. This means the veranda is very easy to maintain and has a long lifespan. In addition, it is unaffected by UV radiation and moisture. If you choose Gumax® Excellence, you are choosing a matt coating that retains its colour superbly.


“This black veranda is exactly what we were looking for. With its sleek look, it fits perfectly into our garden. It feels like an extension of our house.”

Numerous expansion options

The timelessness is also reflected in the expansion options. Complete your veranda with sliding doors, lighting, sun shading and accessories, which are also manufactured in matt black (RAL 9005).

Create shade and shelter with the Gumax® Shading Panels or experience the cosy atmosphere of the Gumax® Lighting System. Extending your veranda and applying accessories is still possible even after installation. All products fit together seamlessly and form a stylish whole.

Enjoying together under a matte black veranda from Tuinmaximaal

Be surprised by the possibilities with a black veranda in your garden. It is an extension of your home and lets you enjoy the outdoors to the maximum. Check out the extensions and accessories for a black veranda:


£ 453

Glass sliding doors


Expandable with accessories


Enjoy the outdoors even longer


£ 469

Gumax® Shading Panel


Shade, shelter and privacy


Easily movable


£ 1.597

Automatic sun shading


With remote control


Adjustable per individual lane


£ 196



LED spots


Gumax® Lighting System

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