Sun Shading box B + C 4.0m matt white

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Matt white (RAL 9016)
4 metres
Sun shading
Ordered before: 16/04/2024

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This product is part of sun shading version 2023. When ordering this product, you will receive box B and C for Gumax® sun shading. Gumax® sun shading box B 4.0m contains the following items:
  • Belt fastener
  • Belt
  • Front wheel, black
  • Front wheel screw

Gumax® sun shading box C 4.0m contains the following items:
  • Sun shading screen depth 4.0m
  • Motor cover
  • Guide rail mounting
  • Shaft half
  • Screen housing closing plate
  • Pole
  • Screen tensioner
  • Shaft lock
  • Screen tensioning clips
  • Screen housing coupling plate
  • Screen housing rail L+R 4.0m
  • Screen housing coupling strip
  • Motor
  • Motor connection cable
  • 4mm diametres Fibreglass
  • 6mm diametres Fibreglass
  • Wheels
  • Locking clips, black
  • Cable clips
  • Sun shading screen installation aid
  • Transporter
  • Self-tapper countersunk head 50mm
  • Countersunk head socket M6
  • 6mm screw transporter