Classic veranda matt white measuring 10,06 x 2,5 metres with clear polycarbonate

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Gumax® Excellence
Matt white (RAL 9016)
Clear Polycarbonate
10.06 metres
2.5 metres

With this matt white Gumax® veranda with clear polycarbonate roof, you can enjoy your garden all year round. Complete your veranda with glass sliding doors under your veranda. This creates a true garden room and allows you to enjoy the free outdoor feeling even on cold days. Glass sliding doors for both the front and sides of your veranda can easily be ordered on this page. At Tuinmaximaal, you are guaranteed the lowest price and receive a five-year manufacturer's warranty on your veranda. If you assemble your veranda according to the assembly instructions, you will retain the five-year manufacturer's warranty.

Getting started with assembly
Tuinmaximaal quickly delivers your veranda to your home as a complete construction sealant. All necessary materials such as screws, sealant, a sealant gun and a hole saw are included. With the help of the supplied paper manual and the online assembly video, you can get started right away. If you assemble the veranda according to the steps in the manual, you will retain your warranty.



This package consists of
You will receive this product as a complete construction sealant with the standard required parts such as screws/plugs, sealant, a sealant gun, 71mm hole saw, PVC leaf catcher, PVC pipe/90 degree bend 71mm, rubbers are included. Additional options and accessoires are not included as standard. The package comes with a paper manual where you can see all the parts provided. In addition, you can find additional tools for assembly, such as assembly videos, here.

The main components of this package include:

  • Matt white support structures
  • Intermediate beams
  • Side beams
  • Connector
  • Gutter packages including decorative trim and wall profile
  • Metal strips
  • Polycarbonate roof panels 98cm wide

The number of parts depends on the width and depth of your veranda. This is made clear in the assembly instructions.