2-rail system matt white 1960mm wide with overall height of 2250mm

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Number of rails
Profile colour
Total height +/- 20mm
Number of panels
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Gumax® Excellence
Matt white (RAL 9016)
1960 mm (2-rail)
2 panels 980 mm wide

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With Gumax® glass sliding doors, you can easily close your veranda without losing light. Open the sliding doors when the weather is nice, or turn your terrace into an enclosed space on colder days. This way, you can enjoy your veranda comfortably all year round. The glass sliding doors can be installed under verandas, extensions, balconies and carports. You can close both the front and sides of the space with the sliding doors. To install glass sliding doors on the sides of Gumax® verandas, 8° wedges for glass sliding doors are required. You can find these among the separate parts.

Dimensions glass sliding doors
Consult the measuring instructions to check whether this set of glass sliding doors fits your situation. You will also find the exact dimensions of the aluminium profiles here.

For the foundation of the glass sliding doors, Tuinmaximaal recommends ordering aluminium foundation columns. Are you not using foundation columns? Then make sure you have a foundation at least 10 cm wide and 10 cm deep that can support at least 390 KG per linear metre and is completely level.

Complete your glass sliding doors with various accessories such as handles, weather strips and decorative strips. Weather strips not only limit the passage of wind, they also keep mosquitoes and flies out of the space. Combine the weather strips with decorative strips for a beautiful finish. Also available are U profiles that are to be placed against the wall or support structure. Combined with weather strips, this counteracts draughts on the side of the support structures or the wall. Note: Do you have a Gumax® veranda of 6.06 metres wide and a 6-rail system at the front? It is then necessary to install U profiles so that the doors connect to the support structures.

Choice of various door handles: 

Getting started with assembly
Tuinmaximaal quickly your sliding door to your home as a complete construction sealant with with the standard required parts such as the screws, the bit etc. All necessary materials are included. The package also comes with a paper manual in which you can see all the parts provided. You can also find additional resources such as the assembly videos here. If you assemble the sliding door according to the steps in the manual, you will retain your warranty.

The main components of this package include:

  • Glass sliding doors with a width of 980mm
  • A package including the bottom rail and overhead rail

The number of parts you receive depends on the width and depth of your rail system. This is made clear in the assembly instructions.