Gumax® automatic sun shading 6.06m x 3m matt black

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Matt black (RAL 9005) New!
6.06 metres
3 metres

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Gumax® automatic sun shading can be used under any standard-sized Gumax® veranda. It can also be used for verandas where the space measured between the beams is 936mm to 950mm. The sun shading is installed in strips directly under the roof panels, making them very easy to maintain. The electrical system has one motor per lane and is equipped with a unique reflective sun shading screen which largely reflects heat radiation back outside. The compactness of the system ensures that the sun shading is barely noticeable when not in use.

Individually operated strips  
With the wireless remote control, you can easily operate the sun shading strips individually or collectively. You can stop the strips at any position. The remote control has a li-ion battery, which can be charged via micro USB, and can be set up to control up to 16 strips of sun shading. 

Simple assembly sealant

Tuinmaximaal delivers the sun shading to your home as a complete construction sealant including all the necessary profiles, one remote control, the motors, screws, etc. In addition, the package comes with a paper manual in which you can see all the supplied parts. You can also find all additional resources additional resources such as the assembly videos here.

The main components of this package include:

  • Box A (containing the remote control, among other things)
  • Boxes B (containing the guide rails)
  • Boxes C (containing the motor, among other things)

The number of boxes you receive depends on the width and depth of your sun shading system. This is made clear in the assembly instructions.